Love in the thin air died

Empyrean chided the dark and coppery clouds
when globules of thundering dismal in her eyes felt ingrate
head lowered and demeaned;
they left her remorseful eyes en bloc.
The skinny, stubborn, pleasantly intoxicating smoke fleered;
undressing the fleshy overcoat.
The noisy turbulent torrent kissed her rheumy eyes
roused her dead soul with a gentle nudge.
The absolute stillness in her bloodshot eyes began
screaming all the things
that her lips never talked about.
Purposeless gray fumes hushed the cloudburst,
her flooded eyes muttered maledictions;
courtesy lost a way back;
the smoke thus wandering alone!
A figure confirmed its presence in her mind,
two bodies and two souls dancing,
as lunatic wind sings besides;
one’s polished face and other’s sunken cheeks suffused with redness”.
She felt a gentle nudge of the past.
A wicked grin narrowed his eyes.
Promises shattered before they were made.
And he broke her first”.
Lavender leaves had their fill of merrymaking;
felt homelike, cradled in their lady’s icy hands.
Her red cheeks welcomed the rain.
Her full, crimson lips playing with the heavenly water had no complaints .
Her flavoured hands collaborated with the musky air around.
Azure sky shed tears on the golden valley;
while rehearsing a love song from the busy golden bees.
Fragranced lilies rejoiced and winked at the sky.
She fixed not the pieces now, instead buried the broken heart .
And left, dancing and smelling the rain around.
The love in the thin air died.

Although I got this work already published by MasticadoresIndia.
But, I was feeling incomplete and anxious for not sharing it here.
If anyone happens to miss out on this's your treat!!

Thank-you 🙏❤


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