Hi, I’m Jeet Kaur.
Thanks to everyone for stopping by there!
I am a University student, doing nothing but blending my naked feelings with some really compassionate words with a tinge of excitement.
When sadness attempts to bring tears in my eyes, I do lace up some words with grace to bring a masterpiece.
Having cried about the long dark ages I lived ; I ultimately found a reason , a genuine one ,to live. Eh,, I never wanted to die, and why shall I, when poetry wants me to stay alive!
A man would fall in love with a lady, a girl with a gentleman. But, I share no such memories. Poetry has been my first and only last love. No exaggeration.
Ten years back, I probably was holding my Mommy’s hand, but late then, Poetry always stuck by my side through thick and thin.
I am an introvert. So ,ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, beware, my poetry speaks out for me.
Enjoy feeling my poetry!
Alert: you may get addicted!!


Jeet Kaur