So who am I?

I am silence of screaming Death Valley.
I am peace of shameful old graveyard.
I am sorrowful smile of dying white lilies.
I am shadow of naked restless star.
I am not myself yet everything.
I am glory of ageless retired mansion.
I am plea of desert rose and humming of white bees
or maybe music of rain.
I am first cry of infant and last laugh of an aged shrunken body.
I am pain of broken heart.
I am untold saga of thousand starry nights.
I am sympathy in his cold eyes for handsomely attired beggar crawling down the streets.
I crawl on lands and walk in deep waters.
I quench thirst of green limitless meadows.
I am clean dedicated day and long treacherous night.
I am you.
I am she.
But, I am not me.
I am not myself yet everything.


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