A gruesome fat memory

‘The sea is high again today, with a thrilling flush of wind.’– Lawrence Durrell, Justine (Alexandria Quartet) Faber, 1961.

The sea is high again today
with a thrilling flush of wind.
Dragging a bag full of sins,
unheard tales, threatening compliments, criminal laughter
sweet little crimson lies,
her wobbly feet curse the abandoned golden sands that are trying to bury her alive.
Wind making a way carefully out through
her skin
melts on the surface of her degrading soul.
Her caged heart, dripping wet,
as uncanny sound of silent sea surrounding her, and,
sinking the clear day into eternal darkness,
seems to chase for her disappearing breath.
A cut-throat chase ends as Summer rain
embraces her into its protective arms.
Strings of hatred loosen up,
as summer rain on her lips
sobs, remembering how it surrendered itself to her incompetent love rival.
Slowly and swiftly,
she breathes out sadness,
but her hands reaching beyond her half-empty pocket
are still in conundrum.
Shall I throw these away too?
Love letters, bracelets,
are too heavy to carry now!
The scent of his words laid stranded on rose gold sheets
as her heart sinks into darkness
and those letters float on the unholy water.
He hunts her down on Christmas Eve
as a gruesome fat memory crawls towards her on its last legs.

Written for dVerse Opening Sentences Challenge.

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