I summon you

I summon you.
A considerate amount of words;
raw and imbalanced,
penetrate through the heart of the sea to the lands,
where the full Moon of Venusian era drowns.
The red water smells like fresh blood
it thus sublimes into a thin hot mess,
that I dare not touch.
A countdown and a ride
both begin.
The shore sells paper boats
to the city of dreams ,
where you live, prosper and grow and, I
duly die twice a day.

I summon you.
I write to you letters in red.
I wonder if you ever received a laced golden bag loaded with ten different types of smiles, and several handpicked and unfiltered tears and a dozen of kisses too!
I don’t look up the sky now.
Moon too has complaints.
I smell like oceans again.

I summon you.
When the longest night eats up the shortest breath of day,
and retires,
I lay
on the road to the unknown and yet familiar lands.
Is it possible or convenient in any way to meet me up in my dreams?
I’ll reschedule, rewrite, rewind and repeat the time I lost track of.
I summon you to return to our land.

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