A song to lost childhood

They locked a bird inside a cage,
and I let that child die!
Trapped inside the mirror,
drowning into her own hallucinations,
she lives far beyond the straight lines
of the round dusty stars.
A misfortune roared right into her eyes
and her childhood and innocence were both killed.
The sin of losing a soul in the broad daylight dignified the Moon’s aura.
The child that I thought was dead,
was reborn
under the twelfth hour
when the lone midnight committed a crime.
When her delusional fingers touched
the warmth of the skin of her younger self,
her limbs felt wobbly
and an abstract shadow hid itself behind her shoulder
and, that dead child was revived.
Illusions and ashes
both sublimed to the thin air
that sings a song to a lost childhood.

Written for Sadje’s wdys.