I won, I win

Hands Up”, vigilant black clouds surrounded me in haste
when I was talking to the treacherous yellow Moon
civilized stars slept a peaceful sleep in my lap
tulips cuddled the noisy wind that was
playing against the pacific sluggish stream;
the latter curving around the giant Meihua
with grace.
Rain clouds drenched me first and then my thirsty soul
wind caressed my hair
I wore crimson on my cheeks.
They guarded me when malicious Sun seemed to burn my skin
few unconscious drops accompanied my tears as I burnt in the virgin water a bag full of sins.
On my way back to home, naked fields sent me love and smiles
On my way back to home, thunder told me the tales how you often lie.
You say thunder steals your sleep,
It begs me to stay for another handsome hour
darkness and failure collaborate to assassinate my soul; I won, I win
they say grapes are sour.

Hope it brings confidence and positivity to lovely readers. Thanks for being here. If you like this work, kindly like and share. 🙏❤

See you soon.

Jeet Kaur

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