Will you rescue me?

Will you rescue me?
If I’m buried alive with dying dreams
Will you not pretend?
If you hear me, if you hear my screams
Will you bother me?
If words are imprisoned on my lips
Say you’ll rescue me
Even if fire lures you and heaven plays dumb tricks
Will you lend me your shoulder to cry?
Say you’ll read my eyes and doubt the skies
Will you let me go if I tell you I hate you, guy?
Hold my hands tighter, tell my lips not to lie
Will you embrace my scars?
Will you paint my soul red?
Will you?
Will you rescue me till the very end?



9 thoughts on “Will you rescue me?

    • Hey.
      Thank you for being here and leaving a comment. Well, different people have different perspective as you find this poetry questioning true friendship. I had some other thoughts and referred to God here.

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