A tale of a trodden path

A trodden path
has never heard complaints
and neither has any
for misleading people to uncultivated lands
or twisted roads that lead to nowhere!
Old and aged; mostly worn out,
the always ancient dirt road guides the hesitant feet to beautiful destinations
overwhelmed with joy
and celebrating its pride,
it welcomes its new guest; her feet uncertain and wobbly apparently calms down
on the promising dirt road.
The snow clad transparent fields reflect one of the several dreams that are dear to her eyes,
rustling of dried lifeless leaves abruptly breaks the thoughtful silence of the dark gloomy day.
The trodden path laments
as dirt contaminates the empty space
with love and happiness.
The very dear visitors never greet back the lone path
and hence once again the trodden path returns to emptiness.


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