Her excited feet on dirty, uninviting lane
were dead tired,
and so were her blue dreamy eyes
that were expecting her beloved from another star
but were greeted by old asian olive green Moon.
Their conversation lasted for a while.
The overconcerned Moon unmasked her beloved as a half german casanova.
His occasional dalliance with every
third girl of the shameless city
was spinning her head.
Anxiety climbing to the top of her trembling lips
was shaking her soul,
rose petals that have been souvenired
rose in rebellion.
The unwelcoming satin evening gown on her cold Irish body
didn’t attract his attention.
His happy red cheeks sang glories in praise of someone else.
She questioned him about their surreptitious relationship
and, with visible anger and mysterious calmness on her never pale face, she grew impatient.
“Schatzi, listen to me once!
His cherry lips tried negotiating,
but who was she to listen?
His always sweet tongue bashed her with venomous remarks
and his dishonest fist holding her wrist tight
didn’t feel ashamed at all.
His cracking voice killing the silence on her lips rejoiced.
And the mask fell down his unapologetic face.
Her bruised hands had a lot of tales to tell later.

Written in response to Sadjeβ€˜s What Do You See #126 photo prompt

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