Do you know?

I bet you wanna know what I felt for you in the summer of 2004?
The autumn of vivid sunsets,
lurking in a pale green valley disappeared into the Hudson river; the night lady walked in a black cloak.
I sent you smiles, painted red, on white letters,
and dipped twice into hot pink and green potions of love.
But, you never received,
and, I never posted.
I bet you still wanna know
about that crazy breeze that rolled half-way down our spines
when our eyes first met.
Wasn’t that still rain beautiful?
Weren’t my eyes pretty?
The eighth stubborn phantom of the cold memories of that summer, city, and the still rain,
walks around the corner of my eyes,
and, I blink not!!
I bet you wanna know why I cared so much
when you hurt your hand and still laughed!?


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