Roses and lilies

Why does the air smell like you again even when you aren’t there?
Were you here again?
Were you here again wanting to see how I have been doing all these years with you not by my side?
Were you anxious again to see me grow old and gray?
Yes, your lady is still clumsy like before.
We were strangers when we met.
We had beautiful hearts.
We made a choice.
And death tore us apart.
Shall I put myself to blame for loving you
for losing you?
Whisper in my ears that you were here.
Whisper in my ears that you are here.
Tell me now, how much you missed me.
Tell me now, how much you loved me!
Why does the air still smell like you??
And you smell like roses.
Did you do the dishes again?
Did you just make the bed?
The bed sheets smell like you, honey!
You’re spoiling your old lady.
I can’t hold on my tears anymore.
I miss you.
And I love you more than the day before.
Why does this air smell like roses??
Did you just leave lilies by the mirror?
I love roses now.


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