One to two

It was hot summer of 2017,
when hemlock sung a song; sweeter than honey,
for a hunchback waterfall
that was crying and screaming in pain.
Moments later, from the womb of river goddess,
erupted a water lily; gasping for her breath,
her hands fighting in water yelled for help.
Disappearing slowly in white waters,
miraculously, she blooms out to the surface
with a few other white lilies, alive.
She sings herself a song, as the day drowns into darkness,
while counting stars with her fingers; shaking shamelessly.
Her cautious ears hunt for a cracking voice that later disappeared somewhere in the woods amidst the silence of night.
But she rushes beyond the dark,
under the thick yellow meaningful moonlight
to look for source.
Quickly and effortlessly, she rescues a white dog, struggling against the water current.
It’s three little breaths multiplies to few more.
She cuddles the dog firmly to her chest.
From wilderness of east, grew a family from one to two.
And their laughter echoes in green valley .

Written for Sadje’s WDYS

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