A lost love

Cinderella rushes out of her bed
as the same old, persistent nightmare kisses
her feet passionately, not once but thrice.
Her hands run naked in empty air struggling
to catch the lost breath.
The hallways where her feet danced bears a classic oblong portal; floating in the mid air.
Her eyes forget to blink
before she jumps into the blank portal, the black hole immediately consumes her alive at once!
On the other side, the sky and land were locked in an embrace.
Playful stars were chasing each another in circles until the dark sky was completely lit by their glow.
A gnarled, dead tree laying down on ground mourns for the other dead, lonely alien tree standing upright.
Her mind plays tricks.
The gnarled tree impersonates as her lost love.
And like the other dead tree, she is a living dead,
dying in his memories.
She breathes out the sadness,
and tears enslaved in her eyes gushes out in fury.
Darkness approaches her teary eyes.
And once again, she wakes up again from the same old dream with a bated breath.

Image Credit : Tasos Mansour @Unsplash

Written in response to Sadje‘s What Do You See #133 photo prompt